Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Put Games on Your Nintendo DS (NDS) Lite

Nintendo DS Lite is a handheld game console, which combines bright dual screen action with touchscreen interaction, giving you an awesome gaming experience. With this console, you can play with other NDS players everywhere through Wi-Fi connection. You can watch movies or play MP3 files. You can even download lots of games, so there is no need for you to change cartridge. But how are you going to do this? Here's how!

1. You need to have a flash card for your Nintendo DS Lite. It could be Galaxy Eagle i or R4DS.

I have Galaxy Eagle i here because that is the only one available in the store I purchased it at. 

2. You also need a Micro SD memory card where you will store all your downloaded games.

There are Micro SD cards that come preloaded with games and which you can also use to store your downloaded NDS game files. If you do not feel like searching and downloading NDS games, you may try looking for Micro SD memory cards of this type.

3. Insert your MicroSD card to the USB card reader/adapter that comes with the GEi or R4DS package. 
4. Now, connect the USB MicroSD card reader to your PC or laptop. 
5. Windows will automatically detect the presence of your Micro SD card and when asked what you what you want to do, click "Open folders to view files." 
6. Go to the Games folder or anywhere in the storage you want to keep your games then copy NDS files (these are files that uses the .nds extension) from your PC to your memory card the same way as transferring files from a folder to another. Most NDS files that you can download on the Web are compressed. Just open the .rar or .zip file and copy the .nds file to your MicroSD card. 

7. After copying all the .nds files that you've downloaded on the Web, you can then remove your MicroSD card and insert it on your R4DS or GEi flash card for NDSL.

8. Click on the folder where you copied your NDS files then select the game that you wish to play and that's it! Enjoy playing!


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