Friday, April 23, 2010

How to Improve Your Internet Connection Speed

Today I'll share a very simple How-To that could help you improve your Internet connection speed. This involves fixing your Winsock settings using a free Winsock/TCP repair application called WinSock XP Fix. But before you use the utility, check your Internet speed first so, you can see afterwards if the tool was able to help improve your overall Internet speed.

1. Go to to test your broadband speed
2. Click "Test the speed of your connection"
3. Scroll down and see the speed test results

4. Configure your LAN settings

    a.  Click Tools > Internet Options
    b.  Click on the Connections tab
    c.  Click LAN Settings
    d.  Leave all tick boxes unchecked
    e.  Click OK

5. Now, go to to download Winsock XP Fix. Type the name of the application in the search field

6. Once found, click on the application's name to go to the download link

7. Click "Download"

Note: If Internet Explorer blocked the site from downloading the file to your computer, right-click on the message then click Download File...

7. Click Save

8. Find a folder to save your file then click the Save button
9. Run the program
10. Click Fix

11. Click Yes

12. Once the application finished fixing your Winsock settings, click OK to reboot the computer

Now, go to again to see if your Internet connection speed has been improved. As you can see on the following screenshots, my Internet speed was greatly optimized.

My new Internet connection speed after using Winsock Fix 

(click to enlarge)

-from 669kbps download speed to 901kbps download speed
-from 321kbps upload speed to 578kbps upload speed
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