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Sample Home Page Content For A Website That Offers Linking Service

Establish A Strong Online Presence!
Find Out How You Can Give Your Website Solid Rank

Your website may be a work of art, but what is the use of it if it is not searchable on the Web? Let the world know that you exist! If you can’t see your website on top of major search engine results, it is then time to implement a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Give your site LOADS of backlinks and increase your page rank!

“…the more websites that link to you, the more you can improve your search engine ranking.”

Successful websites depend mostly on the quantity of relevant links to increase their page rank. The ever changing nature of SEO makes today’s search practice obsolete tomorrow. As situations dictate, SEO implementation is necessary to be on top of search engine results. A backlink is one of the most vital off-page factors when it comes to SEO. Link popularity is important because the more websites that link to you, the more you can improve your search engine ranking. Major search engines like Google normally count relevant links as votes of popularity. Hence, obtaining link backs to your website is necessary to increase your page rank. However, quantity alone does not spell everything to obtain a high page rank from major search engines. The QUALITY of your website, its content and the sites that link to it also influence search engine results.

So, how can you get relevant links pointing to your website?

“Creating backlinks may sound simple or easy to do but let’s face it – Link building is a very extensive and time consuming task to perform…”

There are so many SEO techniques that you can implement but they all can be so tedious and repetitive. You can do forum posting or blog commenting. You can also write articles about your niche and submit them to different article directories online or do more. Creating backlinks may sound simple or easy to do but let’s face it – Link building is a very extensive and time consuming task to perform. It can take you several minutes or even hours to search for high ranking websites or blogs.

Instead of wasting your precious time submitting your link details time and again, try a system that will let your content go to high quality blogs.

Introducing Links Churva

Links Churva offers a unique linking service that can help you take your snippets or articles across a huge blog network. At Links Churva, our goal is to generate relevant inward links to your website using an effective method. We will give your content links to any blogs of your choice embedded within them. All of the blogs that are included in our network have…

  • Loads of INBOUND LINKS
  • 100% relevant posts
  • High page rank ranging from PR2 to PR5

…and they are all regularly indexed by search engines. Our SEO experts are well informed and can help ensure you are getting quality one way backlinks. They have proven track record in Internet marketing, boosting sales and link building. At Links Churva, we will automatically distribute your snippets according to its topic. We have several categories that you can choose from and our system is as simple as logging in, selecting a category and posting content.

Why Join Links Churva

Like many people who are performing different SEO strategies, it is possible for you to be faced with frustrations and disappointments especially if you failed to succeed in your link building campaigns after wasting so much time, money and efforts. Link building is simply a process that must be done naturally and strategically. So, for every SEO plan, we always make sure we conduct full research and analysis of the market before carrying out such actions.

Save Time and Money
Time can be your most valuable end when it comes to link building. And that is why we have put everything into one Web user interface, so there is no need for you to search and explore up to more than a hundred different blogs to login to and post your content. By joining Links Churva, all you have to do is to log in, select the category that you are interested in and make a blog post – as simple as that! Your write up will then be reviewed by our experts and if it meets our standard, we will then post it to relevant blogs under your chosen category.

Obtain Guaranteed Ranking Results
All our SEO experts are capable of delivering a tailored blend of off-page and on-page optimization, which guarantees we can give you positive search engine ranking results. Let them help you enhance your online presence and be found on the first pages of organic results.

Get Permanent Quality Backlinks
Here at Links Churva, you can get permanent quality backlinks. At a very affordable package, you can have the backlinks that your site needs to boost its popularity and exposure. Even if you cancel your membership at any time, you can still keep your one-way backlinks.

Easy to Understand Interface
To make things easy for members, we designed our interface in an easy to understand manner that even a novice user can operate it. We have integrated everything in one location with full clarity to enable our members to navigate our members’ area intuitively.

Placement of Posts in Different Blogs and C Class IP Addresses
Upon approval of your snippets or articles, we will place them in different relevant blogs and C Class IP Address. Our blog network does not consist of a bunch of scruffy sites with very unhealthy page rankings. All the blogs in our network are updated, search engine friendly and with high page rankings.

Secured Blog Network
We are doing our best to keep the quality of our network of blogs so, it is best not to give out or reveal the URLs in our blog network to the public. One good way of keeping our blog network’s integrity is by keeping it hidden.

Free Customer Support
We want to make Links Churva truly a useful service and we want to keep our clients satisfied. If you have any questions, our customer care officers are always available to help you with your queries. We also welcome suggestions and website enhancement requests and will incorporate such requests into the website if they could be helpful to the users.

Future Enhancements
Links Churva welcomes feature requests and suggestions that could help improve its service. We continue to enhance our system. All members are encouraged to give us feedbacks or inform us about what other features they would like to have to enable us to serve them well and make their link building campaigns such a success.

Terms in Using Links Churva Service

Before you use our service, we want you to know a few restrictions and limitations that could help us protect the quality of our network of blogs.

On Content Submission
Here are some of the things that you must know before submitting your content.

  1. Make sure all your snippets and articles are unique and have not yet been posted, spunned or copied in different sites. If you think you have spunned your article or snippets well, then it may be approved by our moderators who will do the review but once they’ve found your content to be unacceptable, they will remove it immediately.
  2. Adult content of any form won’t be accepted by Links Churva. We also do not allow promotion of any websites that are pornographic in nature.
  3. Promotion of Cialis, Viagra or any kinds of “penis” pill items and breast enlargement products are also restricted. Certain words may be unacceptable even though the website that you are promoting is not adult or pornographic in nature.
  4. Links Churva does not allow submission of content that are related to gambling.
  5. The minimum number of words allowed for submission is 100 words. You can submit snippets or full articles.
  6. Inclusion of URLs as text in a snippet or article is not allowed, unless these URLs are also the anchor text.
Content Removal
Links Churva has the right to remove content if we found that it is a work that you have outsourced. We will also remove your content items instantly if we learned that you have already posted those items to other networks or websites.

Refund Policy
A full subscription payment refund will be given to all clients who are not happy with the performance of the Links Churva system. A support ticket must be submitted by the unsatisfied subscriber and once the refund request is received and verified by our support staff, a refund will then be issued.

Any member who will violate Links Churva’s terms of service will first result to a warning and of course, all violating contents will be removed. If for the second time, you violated our restrictions, we will immediately terminate your account from our site. Since our chief goal is to provide you quality inward links, we need to impose such rules to keep the integrity of our network, which is an advantage to your entire link building campaigns.

Links Churva Is Effective and Powerful

Links Churva is not a tricky linking scheme or typical budget link building solution. It is an effective and powerful system that can help you save time and money in your link building campaigns. Becoming a member is not cheap but it is worth the money and still much affordable than buying one backlink on a particular website with high page rank – there you have to pay around $50 or more just for ONE link! And what’s worse, these websites will charge you a monthly fee to maintain your links, forcing you to spend much over and over again.

If you join Links Churva, you will not be obliged to pay over and over again and you can cancel your membership anytime you wish to.

Join Links Churva Now!

So, get backlinks from QUALITY blogs NOW and get a DISCOUNT!
If you join now, you will get a discounted rate of $147 per month, which is 25 percent OFF the standard rate.

  • CANCEL membership at any time
  • NO risk of being found by search engines
  • Just pure ONE-WAY BACKLINKS from high ranking blogs and Class C IP Addresses


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