Monday, December 21, 2009

Send Multiple Farmville Gifts to Your Friends

Still on my favorite game, Farmville. I just want to share this game cheat that I've learned from a friend. It is about sending multiple gifts to your friends. Yesterday I was able to send all pink, red, blue, green and brown gifts to my friends in minutes. Here's how:

1. Login to your Facebook account
2. Click on the Free Gifts tab
3. Open a new browser window or tab
4. Access the Free Gifts tab again
5. Open a new browser window/tab and access the Free Gifts tab again (repeat this process until you've opened 6 to 10 windows
6. In each opened window, select the gift that you would like to give to your friends but do not hit the "Proceed to Send" button yet until you have selected the recipients of each gift
7. Select friends to give your gift(s) to but do not send the gift(s) yet until you are done selecting friends in each tab
8. Once all browser windows already have the "Send Farville Gift Request" button, you can then start sending multiple gifts to your friends by going back to the first browser window, click on the "Send Farmville Gift Request" button, proceed to the next opened window, click "Send Farmville Gift Request" and so on



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