Saturday, December 26, 2009

Inside Farmville Gifts

Perhaps most of you have already opened your Farmville gifts (brown gifts, pink gifts, green gifts, red gifts and blue gifts). Here are some of the items/animals that I've unwrapped:

1. alien cow
2. lamb
3. 10 fuel refill
4. 1 fuel refill
5. baby turkey
6. silver ornament
7. gold ornament
8. grey tabby
9. black chicken
10. golden chicken
11. calf
12. caramel teddy
13. gingerbread man
14. giant candy cane
15. brown cow

..and more!!!!! I can't seem to remember the other items. It is fun opening these virtual farm gifts.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Send Multiple Farmville Gifts to Your Friends

Still on my favorite game, Farmville. I just want to share this game cheat that I've learned from a friend. It is about sending multiple gifts to your friends. Yesterday I was able to send all pink, red, blue, green and brown gifts to my friends in minutes. Here's how:

1. Login to your Facebook account
2. Click on the Free Gifts tab
3. Open a new browser window or tab
4. Access the Free Gifts tab again
5. Open a new browser window/tab and access the Free Gifts tab again (repeat this process until you've opened 6 to 10 windows
6. In each opened window, select the gift that you would like to give to your friends but do not hit the "Proceed to Send" button yet until you have selected the recipients of each gift
7. Select friends to give your gift(s) to but do not send the gift(s) yet until you are done selecting friends in each tab
8. Once all browser windows already have the "Send Farville Gift Request" button, you can then start sending multiple gifts to your friends by going back to the first browser window, click on the "Send Farmville Gift Request" button, proceed to the next opened window, click "Send Farmville Gift Request" and so on


Monday, December 7, 2009

Know the Programs That Are Running On Your Computer

Do you want to know what applications are running on your computer? If so, Process Explorer could be of help to you. I am always using this program to keep track of the applications that are running on my machine. It is so helpful that it enabled me to see if I have Trojans or any other malicious software running silently in the background and get rid of them. This program also allowed me to track down DLL version issues. For more information, visit SysInternals website at



CutePDF Writer: FREE PDF Conversion Tool

convert DOC to PDF
Acro Software Inc.'s CutePDF Writer is an application that would allow you to create PDF (Portable Document Format) files in just a snap. I kinda like this software because it is a good Adobe Acrobat alternative that you can download at no cost. It leaves no watermarks or pop up ads. It is indeed a nifty tool, which enabled me to create PDF files fast.

This application requires PS2PDF converter such as Ghostscript. It is included in the ZIP file that I'll be sharing with you HERE.

You can also download it on Acro Software Inc.'s website at

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Pets: Another Cool Facebook Game

Another Facebook game that I am playing is Happy Pets. This game lets you have kittens, customize a home for them and virtually take good care of them. It enables you to feed and touch them, giving you more points by doing so. It is a nice game but I love Farmville and Cafe World more. Here are some shots of my adopted pets.

Cafe World Designs

My First Cafe World Design
To make my virtual restaurant look more girly, I decorated it in pink with a touch of red. Wall frames and lights were added as well as new stoves and counters.

Blue Cafe World Design
To give my Cafe World restaurant a new look, I decided to redecorate it in dark blue and light blue. Having 16 tables and chairs is enough to serve customers. I used to have more than 20 chairs and tables and noticed that not all were being occupied by customers.

Brown (Garden Style) Cafe World Design - Renovated last April 4, 2010
I redesigned my virtual restaurant and I kinda like its new look. Here it is now at level 58. 

For Cafe World Tips and Tricks, CLICK HERE!
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