Sunday, November 29, 2009

Can't Play Cafe World Well Due to Screen Display Problem

Earlier, I can't seem to purchase other foods in Cafe World because I can't see the cookbook's right hand screen where the right arrow is located. It suddenly occurred. I don't know why. I tried accessing the game using my desktop computer and it is okay. So it is just my ASUS notebook that has the problem. I tried changing my notebook's screen resolution but it's still the same. I still can't see the zoom in/zoom out menu and can't select other foods in the cookbook until I thought of cleaning my browser cache using CCleaner. It did solved my problem!

Thanks to CCleaner. I can now cook different dishes in Cafe World again. If you want to have CCleaner, you can have it here.


  1. With Firefox try:

    /View /Zoom /Reset (or CTRL+0)


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