Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cafe World Tips and Tricks

After my Farmville addiction, I am now playing Cafe World. This is another Facebook game that was developed by Zynga. In this game, you will be able to own a virtual restaurant, cook different dishes, which you can serve to your virtual customers. What's more fun is you can apply different designs to your virtual restaurant (check out my design here). But before you can give your virtual restaurant a customized look, you must of course, have to earn cafe world money or Cafe coins and cash as it is being called in the game. You can easily get coins by improving your buzz rate. The higher the buzz rate you obtain, the more customers you can have and the faster your dishes will be acquired, giving you more money.

You should keep your customers happy. I now have a 105.00 buzz rating, which is the highest. Here are some tips that you can also do to get a 105 buzz rating.

1. Make sure your customers are served quickly. You can do this by blocking your waiter(s) with stoves and counter.

This will auto serve dishes and prevent your waiter(s) from walking around to serve tables. But you must have to give your waiter(s) access to every counter with food in order to serve it.

2. Your buzz rating will go down if there's no available seat(s) for your customers and if there's no more food to serve, so make sure to have more tables and chairs and more foods to serve. If you have no more foods to serve, close your restaurant by removing your door. You can also put a chair against your door so nobody can get in to your restaurant. This will help prevent your buzz rating from dropping down.

3. Do not push chairs and tables against the walls. You have to give your customers space to walk around. You should let them find a seat because they will leave if they can't find one and your buzz rating will drop down.

4. Add more doors so that you can have more customers walking around your restaurant searching for a place to eat. Having two or more doors can help increase your buzz rating. This will let others that they can easily find a place to eat in your restaurant.


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