Saturday, October 17, 2009

Farmville: Enjoying This Virtual Farm Game

Been playing Farmville (a virtual farm game developed by Zynga) for two weeks now. It's such a nice game that would enable you to manage your own virtual farm by plowing and planting seeds. Growth time and selling price depend on the plant. If you failed to harvest your crops within its harvest time, they will wilt and you have to plow again. It has a market where you can purchase seeds, trees, animals, buildings, vehicles and decorations. Here are some of the seeds that you can plant in your virtual farm:

Like other applications or games, Farmville is making Facebook so popular. You can even invite your friends to be your Farmville neighbor. Adding neighbors or friends has benefits in gameplay. Having at least 8 neighbors/friends can let you expand your farm and own more land. I can now expand my farm since I already have 10 neighbors but I need to have more cash in order for me to do so. I'm really enjoying this virtual farm game. If you know any Farmville cheats or tricks, let me know kei? Have a great day everyone!


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