Thursday, September 3, 2009

Promise by Yeng Constantino

Since this is what you wanted
Then I`ll just walk away
You`ll have your time to think of all the things in what you need
When im gone and away
Is this really what you wanted?
Then I will let you go
I`ll be keeping all my fears
Though im drowning in my tears
With a thought
Of a life without you

But if you`ll need a friend
I promise I won`t let you down
I`ll be there for you
Right there beside you
I promise

Is this really what you needed?
Then now we`ll say goodbye
All the memories that we`ve shared
Will be running in my head
I`ll be thinking about you
Just thinking about you
(Repeat Chorus)

Coz if one day things don`t feel so right
I am someone you can call
If you feel you`ve no one to turn to I`m here

Coz if this is what you needed
I won`t let you see me cry
And all my sleepless nights
I`ll be waiting for your call
I`ll be dreaming about you
Just dreaming about you
(Repeat Chorus 2x)


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